A healthy and clean living environment should not be the privilege of any developed countries or places. Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages is essential to sustainable development.

Currently, the world is faced with COVID-19, a global health crisis unlike any other that we have experienced, spreading human suffering, destabilizing the global economy and upending the lives of billions of people around the globe. Nevertheless, prevention can be done and stop more and more people from being infected with the deadly disease.

In airDefender, we believe :

  • Prevention is better than cure.

  • Save human lives without sacrificing our Earth and Nature.
  • Educating the public the best way to prevent is any knowledged’s responsibility.

  • Health should be affordable instead of luxury for everyone.

airDefender aims to protect every individual, household, business in the world from any possible pandemic in the future.

airdefender's new solgan: MakeIT a PRIORITY


airDefender uses ingredients and materials that do not cause harm to the environment when used and disposed. We encourage reuse and recycling whenever possible.


Throughout the years, airDefender is dedicated to sponsoring charities and associations that help and give back to the society.


airDefender’s Q-dot technology, when used properly, can significantly reduce the risk of contracting diseases. We educate the Public Education on the proper ways to protect their well beings.

SDG Goal 3


airDefender’s technology aims to protect everyone from harmful germs, virus and bacteria. By maintaining a low bacteria environment, airDefender is a shield for everyone’s health.

A New Patented NASA Researched Antibacterial Antiviral Preventive Coating


You may not be aware but all of your “prevention” method against COVID-19 is just short term and one-off, meaning it doesn’t protect you longer after you use it. You disinfect your hands with sanitiser now but you can catch the virus immediately when you touch the table. Nothing protects you for longer time…

But this is not necessarily true.


Unlike common disinfectants, airDefender™ is a long-lasting antibacterial and antiviral coating that can be used on human skin and multi-surfaces. It kills and blocks 99.9% of viruses and bacteria as well as 99% of formaldehyde. airDefender’s LONGLASTING antibacterial spray can last 10hrs in hands and 48hrs on object surface because it employs Q-dot Photocatalyst Technology.

This combination protects you in an all-day manner against COVID and other viruses so you can be more relieved and protected.

A proper prevention is better than cure.

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